Our process

1. Preconstruction: it all starts with planning.

With the foundation of our experience and resources, we give each project a substantial cornerstone from day one to be successful. From estimating to pre-purchase site consulting, risk assessment to scope development, our project game plan will set the course for projects that are delivered on time and under budget. Below are a few of the preconstruction tasks we perform.

  • Iterative Cost Estimating
  • Consultant Coordination
  • Scope Development
  • Site Due-Diligence
  • Logistics Planning
  • Vendor and Equipment Coordination
  • Existing Site Survey and Viability
  • Project Scheduling - encompassing owner, design team, and all shareholder activities

2. Design Assistance: we balance the big picture with attention to details

We collaborate closely with project design teams to overlay current market cost and procurement conditions with owner functional and aesthetic goals.  Throughout the design process, we work to ensure the overall vision for the project is achieved while not exceeding the target budget. Below are a few design assistance related tasks we can perform.

  • Constructability/Plan Review
  • Design Build
  • Integrated Project Delivery
  • Market cost and procurement analysis
  • Strategic subcontractor involvement

3. Construction: hands on from start to finish.

We take a collaborative approach to everything we do, like running a safe jobsite, focusing on open book management, and even budget control. While building can be a complicated process, we bring expertise and support to make it easier and ensure a positive experience. A few of our key project tenets are:

  • Establish project wide baseline goals for all shareholders
  • Transparent Cost Management - varianced back to project control budget
  • Proactive Procurement
  • Innovative Scheduling and Planning
  • Coordination with Owner Vendors and the OFE process
  • Proactive change management and mitigation
  • Identification and management of potential project risks
  • Total commitment to project safety
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