The Beacon Construction philosophy is simple:
Build meaningful and transformative projects as a collaborative partner.

We offer client focused expertise

We work hard to understand the objectives of all project shareholders and leverage our resources and network to meet those goals.

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Not just a contractor

We offer far more services than most contractors can provide, including: 

  • Site and Building Survey and Assessment
  • Project Viability Assessment
  • Programming and Planning Support
  • Cost Estimating from Conceptual through Full Documents
  • Construction Management
  • Design Assist/Target Value Preconstruction
  • Consultant Selection/Advisement
  • Design Build or IPD Delivery
  • Self Perform of Multiple Trades and Scopes
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How it all started

It was really a perfect storm. We were getting phone calls all the time from people looking for a construction company who could do more than just construction. With a serious need for client-friendly contractors who had lots of experience and the ability to be hands-on through the entire project, we decided it was time we entered the market.

Owners don't just need a general contractor, they need a partner with for more service options than most contractors can provide.

So after a bunch of phone calls, a couple of lunch meetings, and just a few emails, we created Beacon Construction.

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